Building Trustworthy AI Embedded in Wise Community
MAPLE residents at dharma talk
Apply to join our monastic training program for up to 3 months. Live, work, study and meditate while supporting the community through mindful work.
MAPLE pond in summer
Work remotely from the Green Mountains of Vermont, while enjoying life in a lively community at the intersection of AI and wisdom.
AI Residency
MAPLE residents meeting
For those working at the intersection of AI and existential risk. Pursue your own research and projects, or collaborate with us as we develop ours.
Portrait of Zak Stein
“MAPLE is unique in the world in combining deep spiritual practices with profound awareness of existential risks, and holding these in a monastic container. Living in a monastic community has eased my mind and enlivened my spirits. It has been profound and inspiring to share time and space with others who deeply value meditation, hold a serious sense of religiosity, and who frame this in terms of a realistic and articulate view of just how precarious the planetary situation is.”
Zak Stein
Former Coworking Resident
Portrait of Daniel Thorson
“MAPLE has taught me to be in the world from a place of wisdom, power, and love. The practical skills, relationships, and leadership training that I’ve received here have empowered me to live a life of trustworthy service. The rigorous contemplative training enables this service to come from a deep well of joy, playfulness, and love. What is more important than that?”
Daniel Thorson
Former Resident
Portrait of Chris Adams
“The unique approach of balancing awakening and responsibility prepared me for life in ways other institutions simply cannot. The program gave me the skills of a great employee such as dependability, respectful communication, and diligence.”
Chris Adams
Former Resident

What is the Monastic Academy?

MAPLE is a community of practitioners exploring the intersection of AI and wisdom. As the world becomes increasingly dominated by algorithms and data processing, we bring our practice into the heart of this critical planetary moment. Rooted in wisdom and love, we are striving to build trustworthy systems for human and artificial intelligence. We hope you feel called to join us in this work. To stay connected and learn about opportunities to be involved, please join our mailing list.

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Upcoming Events

  • Abenaki Workshop with Linda Longtoe

    June 27, 2024 - June 27, 2024

    Please join us for an Abenaki Workshop at MAPLE. On the land we care for in the mountains of Vermont, Linda Longtoe will be leading a pipe ceremony and braiding sweetgrass.

    Linda is an Abenaki woman whose specialty is wampum. She is known affectionately as “Wampum Woman.” She started making wampum belts over thirty years ago and passed her knowledge onto countless young people. Linda makes wampum belts and jewelry from glass beads, mother of pearl and quahog. Her bead making starts with a quahog shell. She cuts it to size and shapes it. Then she weaves her wampum belts using brain tanned leather. She has done demonstrations at museums and historic sites throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States.

    We’d love to have you here to welcome her, and celebrate native wisdom together. If you would like to attend this workshop, please fill out our guest interest form.

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  • July Awakening Week with Soryu

    July 02, 2024 - July 09, 2024
    If you would like to attend this retreat, please begin with our guest interest form.
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