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MAPLE Villager Daniel Ryūshin Thorson hosts Emerge: Making Sense of What’s Next, which he describes as a “podcast-based inquiry into the next phase of the human experiment”.

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“We’re living in a moment of culture chaos; celebrities, companies and politicians battle for our attention, societies are fragmenting, long-held political and social norms are upending, and all the while a privileged few reap ungodly benefits. As this battle rages, a new story of what it means to be human is quietly taking shape. How do we survive and thrive? How do we guard ourselves against a life of meaninglessness and quiet desperation? What is your role and responsibility in this turning of the ages?“

Emerge episodes covers topics such as collective action, sovereignty, emotions, consciousness, leadership, and maps of meaning with thought leaders ranging from John Vervaeke to Rob Burbea.

Former Assistant Teacher Peter Xuramitra Park discusses the role of monasteries in the modern world.

Head Teacher Soryu Forall discusses the relevance of enlightenment, ethics, and meditation.

Board Member Zak Stein discusses the myriad risks and opportunities of emerging AI tutoring technologies.

Additional Conversations

Soryu Forall discusses spirituality and existential risk on One Mountain Podcast.

Soryu Forall discusses monastic living and spiritual matters on The Stoa, a digital space founded in Stoic thought.


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