Meditation Resources

Meditation at MAPLE

We use two primary frameworks for meditation, The Jade Method and Unified Mindfulness.

Guided Meditations

  • We have numerous guided meditations available on our YouTube and SoundCloud pages. All of our “Sunday Sit” talks begin with a ~30 minute talk followed by a guided meditation on the theme discussed.

Unified Mindfulness
– Shinzen Young–

Mindful awareness diagram

Unified Mindfulness gives a radically clear, practical and empowering approach to the art of meditation. It makes use of noting, a technique in which we mentally label different aspects of our experience.

Additional Talks, Guided Meditations, and Retreat Recordings

Led by Shinzen Young

Led by John Murphy, Level Two Unified Mindfulness Coach

The Jade Method
– Soryu Forall –

Jade Method

The Jade Method provides a balanced and accessible approach to aligning body and mind in meditation. It highlights the importance of aligning the posture, noting the presence of mental hindrances, cultivating the breath, and rousing great intentions.

The premise is simple. We start with a question:

  • How can I give my body, mind and life completely to Great Love for the benefit of all beings?
    • To the extent that you know the answer, let it guide your actions, so that any actions, thoughts and feelings, or aspects of your lifestyle that are not in accordance with what you already know and believe are actively put in accord.
    • Whether your steps are big or small, take them incessantly and completely.
    • To the extent that you are doing this, the rest of the method will have meaning and power.

To practice this method requires additional context. If you’d like to learn more, we recommend the book Maple Seeds, an excerpt of which is available as a free download. Maple Seeds describes the technique and provides a conceptual framework for practicing it, through detailed transcripts of talks and guided meditations by Soryu Forall presenting this technique.

For more discussion and information, you can also check out our Monastic Academy Subreddit.