We believe that Service to something greater than ourselves is a form of training for the mind, heart, and soul.

Spiritual Practice Through Service

The Monastic Academy offers a unique training opportunity that combines:

This is an intense meditation and personal development training that gives you a rare set of skills and experiences for life. We welcome anyone to apply for this program, no matter their age, gender, or cultural upbringing.

This training is not for everyone, and that’s okay. We expect people coming here to take personal agency for their own mental and emotional well-being and to make a sovereign choice about what’s needed on their particular path.

If you are inspired to take advantage of this unique opportunity, feel free to fill out an interest form below. If you would like to see this place for yourself before applying, feel free to visit as a guest.

This service program is offered on a dana basis to make this training available to more people.

The program includes:

The length of this program is variable. Most service stays last between one and three months.

Feel free to send questions to