Life at the Monastic Academy is radically simple and orderly. Many find the clarity of the daily schedule to be an enormous relief.


The Monastic Academy is located in Lowell, VT. The property includes breath-taking views of the Green Mountains, hundreds of acres of forest and field to explore, three ponds, and a large garden.


There are two meals a day. Meals are typically vegan and gluten free, with some vegetarian or dairy products if they are donated. However, residents are welcome to buy their own meat or dairy products. We buy local and organic food whenever possible. This is greatly facilitated by Vermont’s thriving local/organic food system. We are happy to make any reasonable dietary accommodations.


Residents receive a bed and storage in a shared living space. Conditions are comfortable and spartan.

Trial Periods & Training Fees for Training Residents

It is required to cultivate a certain depth of relationship with us before one is invited to become a full-fledged training resident for one year or more. Our service program is the first step. It offers a direct experience for both sides to make sure you are a good fit for the training, and that the training is a good fit for you.

If you are invited to apply for training residency, and your application is accepted, we will ask you for a $10,000.00 payment to become a training resident, for which need-based financial aid is available.

The payment is required before your arrival and is non-refundable.

Room and board is included. We offer monthly living stipends beginning their second month in the training.

Vacation for Training Residents

Training Residents can take four free days a month, twenty days of vacation per year, and one retreat off. Free and vacation days can be scheduled at essentially any time (provided that the resident’s responsibilities are taken care of, and the vacation does not substantially inconvenience the organization). Additionally, each year, residents may do one meditation retreat at another center, for up to seven days.


Training Residents receive a modest monthly stipend.